It’s no wonder we love Washington State and the quality of wines that are produced. It’s ranked the 2nd largest premium wine producer in the United States with over 900 wineries. Almost 70 varieties are produced!

A look Back ~ Vineyards of Washington – Red Mountain AVA

The 2nd map we created, after our Washington statewide AVA map was our first version of “Vineyards of Washington – Red Mountain AVA,” just after the AVA (American Viticultural Area) was newly established in 2001.

We created this vineyard, block level map out of our love for fine wine and in particular our love and respect for Washington wine. We knew that Red Mountain was a special place and so have devoted our efforts to doing new editions of the map as vineyards have expanded on the mountain.

We were making these unique maps long before you could “Google it.” We literally went to Red Mountain and walked the vineyards with Jim Holmes with a GPS hand held navigation system – then edited, processed and entered them into our mapping system.

A lot has changed since then but we’re still creating our beautiful, unique wine maps. Although we are not in the business of brokering wine grapes we still think it’s important and enjoyable to map the vineyards of Red Mountain. We feel our maps are distinctive and evoke a passion for the local terroir.

March is Taste Washington Wine Month and VinMaps is celebrating with special promotions.

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