Vineyard Sources for Avennia Wines

Vineyard Sources for Avennia Wines

Avennia Wines wanted to provide their winery guests with a reference map showing the vineyards they source their grapes from, within Washington. Famed vineyards such as Bacchus, Champoux, Kiona, and Red Willow were included within the map.

Avennia wanted something unique and beautiful but also stylized to their website and overall branding.

The map is not large, at 11″ x 17″, but manages to show 10 main vineyard area sites, with associated vineyard blocks, which translates, all in all, to a total of 7 separate inset maps for each major area, within the main map composition.

They will be featuring the maps within their brand new tasting room in Woodinville this Fall. Read more here

“Our goal is to make wines that evoke clarity: clarity of place, clarity of type, clarity of purpose.
We believe this is best expressed by using the classic French varietals and blends, with methods passed down over generations. We work within this context to allow Washington vineyards and terroirs to distinguish themselves. Terroir is only readily appreciable in a well-formed, harmonious wine. Structure is the backbone from which beauty can radiate.

Avennia is inspired by the Roman name for the city of Avignon, and signifies for us the heart of
Old World winemaking. Our wines are designed to tease rather than flaunt; pique interest, not beg for attention. They stand for elegance, delicacy, purity.”