Washington Wine Country Map Appellations & Wineries


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Washington Wine Regions Map – Appellations & Wineries

Take a wine lover’s tour from the coastal charm and beauty of the Puget Sound Appellation’s Port Angeles, Seattle, Woodinville in the west across the rugged Cascade Range and into the Columbia Valley Appellation to the desert-like, majestic scenery to the east where Yakima Valley, Red Mountain, and Walla Walla (and many other appellations) reside along with a multitude of now famed wineries and tasting rooms. Although Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah (reds) and Riesling, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc (whites) are all key players, there are over 70 wine grape varieties grown here. A formidable geologic past, intricate microclimates, soils, diurnal temperature patterns, and overall terroir influences make for a viticultural and oenological paradise! Open a bottle of Columbia Valley sourced Cabernet Sauvignon and swirl, sniff, and sip while exploring this captivating, account of over 800 wineries and 20 Appellations. Notes of interest and 7 inset maps are included in this unique and highly detailed piece of cartographic wine art. This Fifth Edition of our Washington Wine Country Map includes all of the recently federally recognized and established AVAs including Rocky Reach, White Bluffs, Royal Slope, Candy Mountain, The Burn, and Goose Gap. Did you know that the First Edition of our Washington State Wine Map was created circa 2000? Our cartographer is also a wine lover and was enamored with and inspired by Washington’s wine, long before it was considered a world-class wine destination! This beautiful piece is the perfect gift for the Washington wine lover in your life and also makes a stunning addition to the personal or professional wine space.

Dimensions: 48.5″ x 36.5″

This epic representation of Washington’s renowned wine country includes:

  • Masterful cartography
  • Up to date with recently established AVAs: Candy Mountain, Goose Gap, The Burn, Royal Slope, White Bluffs, and Rocky Reach
  • Physical/Terrain displayed through shaded relief
  • Appellation legend including federally recognized dates of establishment
  • Locations of popular Vineyards
  • Wine origin legend
  • County Region Borderlines
  • Highway Routes
  • Rivers and Lakes
  • Points of Interest
  • Washington state AVA Notes
  • Geography and geology notes of interest


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