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Texas – A Premier Wine Tasting Destination in America
Texas Wine Map Detail

Did you know that Texas is a premier wine tasting destination in America?
Texas, although being the land of cowboys and the Wild West, is on the map as having a long-standing viticulture.
Over four thousand acres of land in Texas are vineyards, encompassing four hundred wineries within eight distinct regions. The foundation of the Texas wine industry stretches back to the late sixteenth century, when Franciscan friars harvested grapes for ceremonial wine.

Prestige and Praise for Award Winning Wine Styles

In current times, Texas wineries generate two billion dollars and account for thirteen thousand jobs in the state economy. The varied geography and microclimates in Texas account for the range of viticultural areas – composing a variety of wine styles. The High Plains and Hill Country are well–known American Viticultural areas in Texas; both regions have prestige and praise for award winning wine styles. Since the nineteen seventies, Texas has been a premier wine tasting destination in America.

The Texas High Plains resides at an elevation between three and four thousand feet with a dry temperate climate. With over eight million acres, the Texas High Plains AVA accounts for over eighty percent of Texan wine grapes. The minimal humidity as well as the powdery soil provides a bountiful territory for wine growing. The growing season spans from October to April. A daily shift between hot afternoons and cool nights assists the grapes with chilling and setting the acidity level. High Plain’s wineries stretch through twenty four counties, the most eminent of which are Cap Rock winery in Lubbock and Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine and Lamesa (both are sixty miles south of Lubbock). The High Plains region holds the title of Texas’ most lucrative wine producing area, with a blend of red and white wines.

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country is designated as a top ten connoisseur’s retreat in America by the Wine Enthusiast publication. Extending through twenty five different counties, the Hill Country region accounts for over forty five different wineries, whose vineyards cover nine million acres. The expansive acreage in Hill Country lends it the title as the second largest viticultural area in the world, and naturally there are a variety of wines to be explored. The warm weather proves supreme for a variety of wine types to grow in Hill country – such as zinfandel, muscat blanc, cabernet sauvignon, and muscat canelli. Fredericksburg is listed as a central location in the Hill Country region. Residing close to seventy miles from Austin, Fredericksburg is home to famous wineries that distinctively shape its viticultural reputation. Becker vineyards and Grape Creek Cellars are just a couple of the award winning wineries in Fredericksburg.

Texas Wine Map

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