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The must-have for the French section of your wine collection!  Our beautiful Wine Regions of France Map features over 300 wine regions in a one of a kind glimpse of the French terroir. Whether you’re exploring France’s most popular regions like Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux and even Loire Valley, or looking to explore other gems such as Saumur, Roussillon, Saint-Joseph, Bandol, or Languedoc, discover the source of your favorite French wines.

Our unique, highly detailed map of the premier wine regions of France includes a master legend that compartmentalizes each region with its own personalized legend for you to easily identify your favorite wine regions and their sub-regions. Bring home a taste of the beauty, sophistication and history of French wine with VinMaps’ France Wine Regions Map!

Add timeless elegance and texture to your personal or professional wine space with the perfect wine lover’s gift!

Dimensions: 33.4″ x 37.65″

Our Wine Regions of France Map includes:

  • Over 300 Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée/Protégée (AOC/AOP) boundaries
  • Notes on European Wine Region Regulations
  • Detailed Physical Terrain through shaded relief
  • Color coded wine region master legend
  • Gulfs, Coasts and Bays
  • Country Region Borderlines
  • Island of Corse Wine Regions Inset Map
  • Crowning title cartouche
  • Geographic features
  • Gorgeous cartographic detail and design


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