2018 Kiona Vineyards Columbia Valley Estates Cuvée ~ Why We Love This Red Blend // A Wine Tasting!

Join Suzi Perez, wine lover and founder of Vinmaps, as she tastes and shares one of her red wine obsessions! The Kiona Vineyards 2018 Columbia Valley Estates Cuvée has become one of Suzi’s favorite, easy-drinking, approachable blends. It is surprising to find such a complex, well-balanced, delicious red blend at a price point that is easy on the wallet – especially from such a renowned, quality producer as Kiona.

Kiona Vineyards founder, John Williams, purchased land within the coveted Red Mountain AVA (American Viticultural Area), in 1972. Through the decades Kiona’s vineyards on Red Mountain have become sought after for their consistently high-quality fruit. Their Estates now provide source fruit for more than 60 wineries in the Pacific Northwest and the Winery and Vineyard also make some of the best wine in Washington State.

Suzi Perez, Vinmaps Founder and Wine Lover explores the 2021 Ceraso Aglianico wine from Italy’s Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988.

The Azienda @SanSalvatore-dm7fr is located within the bucolic yet wild, natural beauty of the Cilento National Park, within the southernmost portion of Italy’s Campania region. The winery itself is located in Giungano, near the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Paestum. The Cilento area or Sub-Region (sottozona) is Campania’s southernmost winegrowing area. The Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988 is a group project, led by Giuseppe Pagano and his son Salvatore (who was born in 1988).

The Radici Taurasi is a consistently high quality, complex and elegant red wine made from the native Aglianico grape variety (Vitis Hellenica).
During the video, Suzi explores the alluring and fascinating world of southern Italy’s Mastroberardino Winery and the historically and viticulturally rich Irpinia sub-region of Southern Italy’s Campania where the family settled, over two centuries ago. Suzi delves into the history, geography, and viticulture of this winemaking region as well as one of the most important grape growers and wine producers here.
Join VinMaps founder and wine lover, Suzi Perez, as she tastes through and shares her impressions of the Sashay line of wines.
The Sashay brand of wines were the creation and inspiration of Shae Frichette, Co-Owner and Co-Winemaker of Red Mountain AVA’s Frichette Winery, a top quality, boutique Washington State producer.
Exclusive Interview: Shae Frichette, Co-Winemaker of Frichette Winery & her Sashay Wine Label!
VinMaps Owner, Suzi Perez, recently had the opportunity and great pleasure to interview Shae Frichette, Co-Owner and Co-Winemaker of Washington State’s Frichette Winery. Frichette Winery is a top quality, boutique winery residing within the world-class Red Mountain American Viticultural Area of Eastern Washington.

Exploring the Fabulous World of Frichette Winery & Wine Tasting: Artz Sémillon & Punctual Red Blend.

In this video, Suzi highlights the unique and fascinating backstory of Co-Owners and Co-Winemakers, Greg and Shae Frichette, and then tastes and shares her impressions of two of their wines.

Valentine’s Day worthy wines! Suzi tastes 4 ROMANTIC wines from Europe!
Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s arrow are upon us! We thought it would be fun to do some wine tasting with a little romantic flair!
In this video Suzi Perez, your host and founder of Vinmaps, swirls, sniffs, and tastes 4 wines from Europe that are perfect for pairing with a Valentine’s Day dinner or equally fine to enjoy on their own. Whether you’re having a Galentine’s Day soiree or spending special time with your “sweetheart” by the fireside, these 4 wines are easy celebratory additions.
Suzi sips 5 holiday season wines to bring to your table! Wine Tasting with a festive mood 2022 🙂
Holiday wine and food pairing is easy with these five wines! We enjoy wine tasting and sharing our impressions with you! In this video Suzi Perez, your host and founder of VinMaps, pours and swirls, sniffs, and tastes 5 beautiful, easy to drink wines for your holiday table or party!

Suzi believes that wine should be approachable and fun. Join her while she tastes through the following wines with a light, festive mood!

Spring Wine Tasting with Longship Cellars: Mind and Memory Sauvignon Blanc & Voyager Red Blend!
Join Suzi Perez, your host and Vinmaps founder, as she drinks in spring with this intriguing wine tasting experience, featuring Longship Cellars, a winery in Richland, Washington State.

Since their tasting room opened in 2016, wines from Longship have received various awards including: Gold and Double Gold awards at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, SavorNW Wine Awards, Tri-Cities Wine Festival, to name just a few.

Suzi Sips Scary Wines!! // Five bloodcurdling, fun wines are tasted in Vinmaps’ Halloween portal!
In Halloween costume as some kind of Amazonian warrior, Suzi Sips and explores five scary wines in the Vinmaps Halloween portal! Wines included in this eerie tasting:
The Witching Hour Chardonnay, from South Eastern Australia, Rebelle red blend from Bordeaux, The Hunted Zinfandel from Lodi, California, Vengeance red blend from Napa Valley, California, and finally Altaland Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina.
These chilling wines were all purchased from Total Wine & More.
The Power of the Damsel! Exploring the 2019 Damsel Cellars Boushey Vineyard Cabernet Franc.
Join Suzi as she tastes and explores the 2019 Damsel Boushey Vineyard Cabernet Franc. This is a single varietal, single vineyard Cabernet Franc by Damsel Cellars, a boutique winery in Woodinville, Washington State. Mari Womack is the Owner and Winemaker of Damsel Cellars and 2022 is the winery’s 10th harvest.
Faithfully Yours Fidélitas Wines
Join Suzi Perez, your Vinmaps Studio host, as she delves into of one of Washington State’s most celebrated boutique wineries, Fidélitas Wines, and their highly rated 2018 Blackwood Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to exploring and tasting the single vineyard, single varietal Cabernet, Suzi covers a few salient and interesting points regarding the winery’s founder and winemaker, highly acclaimed Charlie Hoppes.
Suzi vs. Sekt: Exploring German Sekt Sparkling Wine
Join Vinmaps wine lover, Suzi Perez, as she explores the fascinating world of German Sekt wines. Suzi shares and tastes three of Germany’s high quality sparkling wines worth tasting and enjoying:
Loosen Brothers – DR Loosen, Dr. L, Sparkling Riesling N.V.
Cava: Toca de España.
In Episode 2 of 4 of our Sparkling Wine Series, Suzi explores and shares the world of Spain’s top sparkling wine, Cava. If you would like to know more about the history and origins of Cava, where and how Cava is made, and the different types of Cava, this video is for you!
Preamble to Episode 3 of our Sparkling Wine Series: A Penchant for Prosecco
Suzi Perez, Vinmaps founder, chats briefly about Prosecco sparkling wine in this preamble, introductory video to the upcoming Episode 3 of our Sparkling Wine Series: A Penchant for Prosecco.
Gruet Winery: A Sparkling Success
If you’re interested in sparkling wine and want to know more about one of the wine industry’s top producers in the United States, Gruet Winery, this video is for you.
A Penchant for Prosecco – Italy’s Heavenly Sparkler
In Episode 3 of 4 of our Sparkling Wine Series, Suzi explores the world of Italy’s most famous sparkling wine, Prosecco.
Beautiful and Elegant Napa and Italy wine region maps for your wine bar or wall.
Need that pick me up after a long day at work? Swirl, sniff, sip, and gaze at your beautiful wine region maps!



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