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Introducing our YouTube channel is the lovely Suzi Perez, founder and creator of Vinmaps. With her love of wine and extensive background in geography, cartography, and GIS (geographic information systems) she embarks on exploring wine, its sense of place, aka terroir, and other fun topics related to this liquid steeped in history and a bit of magic. Featuring our beautiful Wine Regions of France Map in the background, Suzi chats about her beginnings with wine and how her company, featuring visually stunning and geographically detailed wine regions maps, came to be, almost 20 years ago. We welcome you to subscribe to our channel and Tune in for more videos coming soon!
Faithfully Yours Fidélitas Wines
Join Suzi Perez, your Vinmaps Studio host, as she delves into of one of Washington State’s most celebrated boutique wineries, Fidélitas Wines, and their highly rated 2018 Blackwood Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to exploring and tasting the single vineyard, single varietal.
Suzi vs. Sekt: Exploring German Sekt Sparkling Wine
Join Vinmaps wine lover, Suzi Perez, as she explores the fascinating world of German Sekt wines. Suzi shares and tastes three of Germany’s high quality sparkling wines worth tasting and enjoying:
Loosen Brothers – DR Loosen, Dr. L, Sparkling Riesling N.V.
Cava: Toca de España.
In Episode 2 of 4 of our Sparkling Wine Series, Suzi explores and shares the world of Spain’s top sparkling wine, Cava. If you would like to know more about the history and origins of Cava, where and how Cava is made, and the different types of Cava, this video is for you!
Preamble to Episode 3 of our Sparkling Wine Series: A Penchant for Prosecco
Suzi Perez, Vinmaps founder, chats briefly about Prosecco sparkling wine in this preamble, introductory video to the upcoming Episode 3 of our Sparkling Wine Series: A Penchant for Prosecco.
Gruet Winery: A Sparkling Success
If you’re interested in sparkling wine and want to know more about one of the wine industry’s top producers in the United States, Gruet Winery, this video is for you.
A Penchant for Prosecco – Italy’s Heavenly Sparkler
In Episode 3 of 4 of our Sparkling Wine Series, Suzi explores the world of Italy’s most famous sparkling wine, Prosecco.
Beautiful and Elegant Napa and Italy wine region maps for your wine bar or wall.
Need that pick me up after a long day at work? Swirl, sniff, sip, and gaze at your beautiful wine region maps!