4 Ways To Ruin Your Wine Tasting Vacation

Wine Tasting Vacation

Are you planning a special wine tasting tour this summer? If so, don’t forget that when you purchase wine from your favorite vineyards, you will want to take precautions to keep the wine protected during travel.

1. You will ruin the wine if it gets too hot. Keep your wine cooled as you travel. If you’re traveling by car and you leave your wine in the trunk mostly likely you will ruin that great bottle of wine! Consistent temperature is always your goal. Be sure to keep wine purchases in your air conditioned car or room, never in the trunk, where temps can reach over 100 degrees and ruin your new bottle. You might even consider ice packs for warmer trips.

2. You will ruin the wine with oxidation.To avoid drying out the cork, which can lead to oxidation, always store bottles on their sides or upside down, to keep the cork in contact with the wine inside.

3. You will ruin your trip and your wine if it can’t be delivered! If you choose to ship your bottles, ensure that there is adult of legal drinking age on the receiving side to sign for the delivery!

4. You will ruin the wine if it doesn’t ‘rest’ properly. Let it rest! Once your wine has safely arrived to it’s final destination by car or other transport, be sure to let it rest for a few weeks in a cool, dry environment. A phenomenon known as bottle shock that results from vibrations during travel will be reversed by ample rest.

Enjoy your wine tasting trips this summer! If you would like to share your experiences with new wine regions and vineyards with us on our Facebook page please do so here.

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