Creative Tips for Hosting a Unique Wine Tasting Party

Are you planning a wine tasting party this spring or summer? Get our wine tasting ideas and eight wine suggestions and a surprise Prosecco. Educate and entertain your guests as they sip elegant wines from across the globe.

Educate Your Guests – Around the Globe Wine Tasting

Stimulate not only your guests’ taste buds, but perk their interest through curiosity and adventure as well. Wine appreciation is enhanced when you know more about the wine and where the grapes are grown!

Rather than picking random wines, make your wine selections for your wine tasting party according to countries, states or regions. Italy, California, Texas and Washington State wines and facts, offer a fun variety of taste and curiosity.

Italy wine facts

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Throughout the tasting area that you designate in your home, stage a few settings specific to wine regions from various places. If you present Italy, include a few Italian wines, along with facts that are fun and engaging.

A great way to start your wine tasting party is with Italy’s heavenly sparkler, Prosecco. Interested in discovering more about one of Italy’s fascinating sparklers? Check out our tasting video here.

Are you the creative type? Use Canva to make simple graphics with wine related facts (as shown above) and print them out on cards to display in the tasting area. Highlight interesting facts about the wine and regions and make it into a trivia game.


Italy to California

In contrast to Italy, feature a California wine tasting area. Make it specific by sharing a few facts about California wineries and wines. It’s interesting that California has a long history of wine making.

Beginning as early as the 1700s, missionaries brought vines (mission grape variety) from Spain to produce their own wine. California produces 84% of all US wine and is the largest producer of American wine followed by Washington State.

Texas wineries

Sip Your Way To Texas

Since all wine lovers know about Italy and California wines, venture into new wine territories such as Texas. Did you know that the Texas Hill Country appellation alone sees five million guests per year? This is decidedly a very popular Texas wine destination yet there are unique and beautiful wineries to visit all over the Lone Star State.

Sip on a High Plains Appellation Sauvigon Blanc or a Trebbiano as you and your guests explore VinMaps beautiful details of the Texas Hill Country.

Washington wine production

Sip North to Washington State

From Texas, sip north at your party to the beautiful state of Washington. As the second-largest producer of wines in the country, more than 17 million cases of wine are produced each year! Explore an epic representation of Washington’s renowned wine country in our Washington Wine Country Map.

Wine Bingo

At the end of the ‘sipping by wine regions’ experience, see which guests have the most discerning wine taste buds and can identify the flavor of the regions through wine bingo.

Make or buy a wine bingo game. With a blind taste test place a token on a square which you think matches the wine country and states. Etsy has a selection of wine bingo cards that can be downloaded.

Keep track of the answers and send home a prize with the winning wine taster.

Suggested Wines – Around the Globe Wine Tasting

So many wines, too little time! Planning a wine tasting party is fun and also can be intimidating when it comes to selecting the wines. We’ve narrowed it down to the following four, based on around the globe wine tasting. Depending on your group size, typically one bottle of wine will serve at least 5 people for tastings. A small tasting is approximately a 2 ounce pour and a more generous taste is 6 ounces.

Offer tastings beginning with sparkling, to whites to reds.


Prosecco: Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico – Available at
White: Zenato Lugana San Benedetto 2021 Trebbiano from Veneto, Italy – Available at
Red: Antinori Villa Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 2017 Sangiovese from Chianti Classico, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy – Available at


White: DIATOM Chardonnay 2021 (Santa Barbara County, CA) – Available at Vivino
Red: 2019 Ridge Vineyards, Three Valleys – Available at Ridgewine


White: Llano Estacado: 2020 Cellar Reserve Chardonnay – Available at llanowine
Red: Pedernales Cellars: 2018 Cuvee 1853 – Available at Pedernales Cellars


White: 2022 Damsel Cellars Boushey Vineyard Marsanne – Available at Damsel Cellars
Red: Frichette 2020 Punctual – Available at Frichette Winery

Discover the Source

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for a unique and creative wine tasting party. We would love to hear your thoughts on the wines that we suggested. Did you try them? Send us a message!

Appreciating wine starts with understanding the source. VinMaps enhances wine appreciation and is a great conversation starter. Each map is hand crafted and elegantly designed and is perfect for your bar area, home, office and gift giving.

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