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Lake Chelan Wine Country Map – Appellation & Wineries – Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Lake Chelan Wine Country Map – Appellation & Wineries
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Our distinctive and beautiful Lake Chelan Wine Country Map captivates as it beckons you to this unique and historically rich area where Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, and many other varieties are grown.

Set within the tranquil and bucolic Lake Chelan Valley, the Lake Chelan viticultural area is a burgeoning destination for those who enjoy fine Washington wine. Established in 2009, the appellation is located about 112 miles east-northeast of the city of Seattle. The appellation includes the southern and eastern portions of the lake.
Distinctive features of the area include its geology, geography, soils, and climate as directly influenced by past alpine glacial activity of the Cascade region. The vineyard areas here are strongly moderated by the thermal effect of the lake on air temperatures.

The lake itself is the largest, longest, and deepest freshwater lake in Washington state. At a maximum depth of 1,486 feet, it is the 3rd deepest lake in the United States. The fjordlike lake winds northwest to southeast for 55.3 miles.
Native American people probably inhabited the Lower Chelan Valley for 1000s of years prior to “discovery” by pioneer trappers, explorers, and prospectors in the 1800s. The indigenous people referred to the lake as “Tsillane” which later became known as “Chelan” – meaning ‘deep water.’

Dimensions: 36″ x 24″

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• High quality print on an artist’s canvas.
• Canvas is stretched over custom-made wood stretcher bars.
• depth of 1.5″

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