Seven Unique Gifts for the Wine-Loving Mom in Your Life

7 Wine Gifts

Coming up soon is Mother’s Day, and that time of year where we celebrate the women in our life who raise us, love us, and support us in every way. Mothers come from all different walks of life, but the one thing they all have in common is that they deserve to be pampered and celebrated on their special day. If the mother in your life is also a wine lover, there are some unique and amazing gifts that you can give to make her day one to remember. Here are some ideas that are sure to delight your wine-loving mom!

Discover the Source

Quality wine starts at the source, and there is no better way to discover the riches of wine country than with a quality VinMaps Wine and Spirits Map. Each map is hand crafted and elegantly designed to be not only educational and informative, but also a beautiful conversation starter that is perfect for mom. Order one map as a focal piece, or create a unique artistic display with multiple maps from a variety of regions. An exquisite VinMaps Wine Map makes for stunning décor, and mom will love exploring the regions of her favorite wines.

Sample the Best Wine Has to Offer

If mom is a wine lover who loves to explore not only the regions where her favorite wines come from, but also the varied styles and unique flavors of wines from all over, a unique wine subscription from VineBox is the perfect gift. VineBox celebrates not only the wines themselves, but the unique stories behind the wineries and terroirs. What makes this subscription special is that VineBox offers a chance to taste a variety of styles without the commitment of an entire bottle with their unique tasting flights, packaged expertly to being the freshest tasting experience to mom’s door.

Mom and Wine Make a House a Home

Nobody knows how to make a house a home quite like mom, and she knows that home is also where the wine is! Help mom decorate the house with this unique keepsake shadowbox. She can save the corks from her most savored and loved bottles, and share her passion for wine with beautiful décor. This gift is both functional and sentimental making it the perfect gift for the mom in your life.

Remember Every Glass

With this simple and elegant wine journal from Moleskine, mom will never again forget her favorite glass or bottle of wine. With special pages designed just for wine lovers, she can make tasting notes and capture the moment she savored her most favorite wines. Whether it is a bottle opened on a special occasion or a glass enjoyed at a favorite winery, mom will love having a record of her tasting experiences.

Celebrate Every Month

Why stop celebrating mom after Mother’s Day is over? Allow her to indulge in her love for wine every month with a subscription to Wine Enthusiasts magazine, where all things wine comes straight to her mailbox. She can discover new regions, wineries, and wine accessories with every issue, and even start creating her Wish List for next Mother’s Day!

Cozy Up

This Mother’s Day, the best way to honor mom is to let her sit back and put her feet up. And what better way for her to show the family what she really wants than with these clever socks sure to delight any wine lover!

Wine on the Go

We know mom is always cool and stylish, but we also know that she is always prepared! Mom always seems to have what you need hiding in her purse, whether it’s a pen or a Band-Aid, but now she can have exactly what she needs in there too! With these clever and fashionable bags, mom can bring her favorite wines on the go, to a picnic or concert, and always be prepared to have fun!

With these unique and smart gifts, you can make your wine-loving mom’s Mother’s Day extra special. Pair a beautiful VinMaps Wine & Spirits Map with a subscription or gift from this list and show mom you understand that a little wine makes every holiday special!

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