The Veneto: War and Struggle – Victory and Fine Wine

The Veneto has a unique heritage and a rich history full of war and struggle, victory and fine wine.

The Romans conquered the Veneto in the 3rd century BC. In the 5th century the region was know as a refuge during the raids of Attila the Hun. The Veneto was incorporated into the Hapsburg Empire in the 19th century, and finally, in 1866, into the Kingdom of Italy.

The Veneto Wine Region

Today the Veneto is a tourist destination and a peaceful spot with beautiful cities, delicious food and wine. Risotto is very popular and there are dozens of variations using anything from wild mushrooms to the region’s famous seafood.

The region is also known to have some of Italy’s best know reds such as Valpolicella, Bardolino, Gambellara and several others. It’s flagship bottle, Amarone, produced near Verona, is the result of a unique blend of grapes and an indigenous wine-making process.

Geography and micro-climates helps explain why this region is home to so many individual pockets of wine tradition. The Dolomites stand tall at the back, blocking cold temperatures from central Europe. The conditions are favorable in producing some of the world’s most unique flavors.

Introducing Veneto Wine of Ages – the Latest Addition to VinMaps

The fascinating history of the Veneto combined with the romance and geography of the region is an inspiration for VinMaps. Once again they are taking to the drafting board to create a one of kind rendering of this region in their classic old world style. This new map will be a welcome addition to the VinMaps Artisan collection.

Fascinating details show the geography of the region where the wine grapes grow combined with creativity that expresses the unique tradition of ‘old style mapping’. Above is a sneak peek from the Cartographer’s drawing board!

Veneto Wine of Ages; Italy, is available for purchase on our website here. This will make a perfect gift for the wine connoisseur, traveler, and those that enjoy the cultural heritage of wine and Italy.

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