VinMaps 2022 Wine Calendar

Wine calendar 2022

Explore these special wine celebrations in 2022. From Champagne and French Fries Day to Orange Wine Day; we have listed several wine holidays worthy of a toast.


January 10th
Champagne and French Fries Day
A delicious party in your mouth with French fries and bubbly! Tap/click over to the Unraveling Wine to check out their commemorative t-shirt!


February 1st

Cheers to Hungary and the Furmint which is a Hungarian Grape. Learn more about Hungarian Wine and the Furmint grape on Taste Hungary.

February 16th

International Syrah Day
Chase away winter blues and open your favorite full-bodied, spicy grape wine and pair with bold flavors.


February 18th
National Drink Wine Day
Toast the USA, spread the cheer and share with us what you are drinking on this day @vinmaps.



March 3rd
National Mulled Wine Day
Mulled wine goes back to the Roman Empire as recipes spread across Europe. People added different herbs and spices to help make bad quality wine taste better. Check out a brief history of mulled wine here. 


March 13th
Riesling Day

Riesling day started in Germany a few short years ago in 2019. Enjoy one of the best wines in the world – from sweet to dry. Share your favorite Riesling with us @vinmaps.



April 14th

Tannat Day

Celebrate Tannat in all its purple glory. Deemed as one of the healthiest red wine grapes because of high antioxidant levels. Show us your favorite French or Uruguay Tannnat Wine @vinmaps.


April 17th

World Malbec Day
Created by the Wines of Argentina in 2011. Share your favorite Malbec @vinmaps.
#MalbecWorldDay #MalbecArgentino

April 27th
World Marselan Day
A cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, the grape was created in 1961. This late growing varietal has an aroma that expresses dark fruit and earth.


April 29th

International Viognier Day was started by Yalumba Wines in 2022. Celebrated on the last Friday of April.


May 6th
International Sauvignon Blanc Day
One of New Zealand’s most important and tasty grapes. What is your favorite Sauvignon Blanc? 
Share with us @vinmaps.

#SauvignonBlancDay; #SauvBlancDay

May 9th
World Moscato Day
The Italian wine of one of the oldest known varieties of grapes in the world. Open your favorite Moscato and pair with fresh cheese and fruit. Share with us @vinmaps.

#WorldMoscatoDay #MoscatoDay

May 17th
National Pinot Grigio Day
Enjoy your favorite crisp glass of white wine. Or if you are looking for new Pinot Grigios, check out Wine Enthusiast for recommendations. 
Share with us @vinmaps.

#PinotGrigioDay #NationalPinotGrigioDay

May 25th

National Wine Day

Sweet or dry, red or white, raise a glass to your favorite wine.

Share with us @vinmaps.
#NationalWineDay #WineDay

May 26th
National Chardonnay Day
Celebrate this delicious white grape which is also the world’s most planted white wine grape. Explore characteristics of Chardonnay on the Traveling Cork Screw.


June 4th

National Bubbly Day
Pop open a glass of sparkling and share a toast with friends and with us! Show us your favorite sparkling wine @vinmaps.

June 11th
National Rosé Day
One of the oldest types of wine, celebrate summer with Rosé and friends.
 Show us your favorite Rosé @vinmaps.

June 18th

Drink Chenin Day is a highlight on the international wine calendar. Acidity, complexity of flavor, and sometimes-present sweetness can make Chenin Blanc an extremely age-worthy wine. 
Share your favorite Chenin Blanc with us @vinmaps.



1st Week of July

Sparkling Wine Week
So many sparklers… and an entire week to try them out! Prosecco, Cava, Crémant, Sekt (check out our tastings on YouTube) and more. Show us a few of your favorites @vinmaps.


July 14th
Bastille Day
Pop open a bottle of Champagne and toast France’s independence day. À votre santé!

July 28th
Shiraz Day
Hip, Hip, Shiraz! Celebrate this rich and powerful red wine that originated in the Rhône Valley of France as Syrah.
 Share your favorite Shiraz with us @vinmaps.



August 4th

National White Wine Day
Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc? Treat yourself to a crisp cold glass on a hot summer day. Check out interesting white wine facts and infographics at National Today.

Share your favorite white wine with us @vinmaps.


August 13th
Cheers to International Prosecco Day.
 Celebrate the romance of Veneto in a glass of one of the most loved Italian wines. Check out our YouTube video A Penchant for Prosecco.
Share your favorite Prosecco with us @vinmaps.

August 18th
One good red wine color deserves another! Pour yourself a glass or two of Pinot Noir.
Share your favorite Pinot Noir wine with us @vinmaps.



September 1st
International Cabernet Sauvignon Day is a perfect time to share a special bottle of one of the world’s most respected and requested wine varieties.
Show us what’s in your glass @vinmaps.
#CabernetDay #CabernetSauvignonDay


October 6th
Orange Wine Day was first proclaimed in 2018. However orange wine was an ancient method of winemaking from a range of different white grapes 6,000 years ago. Very popular in Italy and today this unique blend has been rediscovered at wine shows.
Will you try orange wine? If so share with us @vinmaps.

October 28th

World Champagne Day
Champagne lovers celebrate! Why wait for New Years to pop open the Bubbly!
#ChampagneDay; #WorldChampagneDay


November 7th

International Merlot Day
Delight in the full-bodied flavor of Merlot on a cool fall evening. Perfectly pairs with a hearty Fall meaty stew.
What do you like about Merlot? How are you celebrating this iconic variety? Show us @vinmaps.
#InternationalMerlotDay; #MerlotDay

November 16th
National Zinfandel Day
Autumn season is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of this fruit-forward wine. Gather friends and celebrate the bright to bold flavors.
Share your favorite Zinfandel with us @vinmaps.


December 4th
International Cabernet Franc Day
Swirl, sip and celebrate this versatile red grape mainly used in delicious Bordeaux-style wines.
Show us your dark reds @vinmaps.
#CabFrancDay; #CabFranc; #CabernetFrancDay; #CabernetFranc

December 5th
Worth a toast, December 5th 1933, was the repeal of Prohibition. Let the good times roll!

December 20th
Sangria Day!
Bring on the wine and fruit. Do you prefer red Sangria or White? Show us your sangrias @vinmaps.

December 31st
National Champagne Day
It’s official – New Year’s Eve. 
Another reason to drink Champagne. Pop open the Bubbly and indulge! 
Happy New Year from @vinmaps.
#ChampagneDay; #NationalChampagneDay

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