VinMaps Creates Custom Wine Map for Washington’s Fidelitas Wines Winemaker Charlie Hoppes

Suzi Surbey, Owner of VinMaps and creative developer of custom wine maps, creates one-of-a-kind elegant work of art for Charlie Hoppes, owner of Fidelitas Wines and winner of 2013 Winemaker of the Year Award by Seattle Magazine’s Washington Wine Awards

Recently, Suzi Surbey of VinMaps was given the honor of creating an elegant, one-of-a-kind wine map for acclaimed winemaker Charlie Hoppes of Fidelitas Wines in Washington. Fidelitas Wines began in 2000, and to this day Hoppes’ principles are based on “Being faithful to Cabernet Sauvignon, loyal to classic Bordeaux winemaking techniques, and true to Washington State’s Columbia Valley terroir.” According to Surbey, “terroir” is a French term that means the unique soil, climate, and environmental/geographical condition conducive to creating prestigious wines that offer exceptional flavor and aroma.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
Most people are familiar with the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In this case, VinMaps was commissioned to create a wall-size wine map depicting all of Washington’s AVAs, with specific attention focusing on the Red Mountain AVA. The wine map was created in part to educate visitors to Fidelitas’ tasting room, but also as an intricate aspect of the decor, always keeping the palette in mind throughout the customization process. Ultimately the unique wine map was designed for functionality, and to further enhance the atmosphere of the tasting room through color, style, and overall feeling.

Fidelitas had a need for a larger, wall-size map that would efficiently orient visitors to the tasting rooms at the Red Mountain and Woodinville locations to Washington’s overall geography, and to help answer the question, “Where in the world is Red Mountain?”

Finally, the wine maps were printed to canvas and installed in both of Fidelitas’ tasting rooms. In addition, VinMaps’ Fourth Edition of the Vineyards of Washington – Red Mountain AVA map also resides on the tasting rooms’ walls at Fidelitas, printed to canvas as well. Suzi said that “We like to think that these wine maps represent our loyalty and faithfulness to the high quality vintners and wines of Washington!”

Wine maps are not only educational, but intricately detailed works of art as well for winemakers, connoisseurs, and those who simply enjoy a good wine on occasion. Suzi invites any and all who desire the best in elegant, one-of-a-kind wine maps to visit for more information.

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