VinMaps Gift Giving Guide – 10 Must Have Gifts for Wine, Beer & Spirits Connoisseurs

VinMaps Gift giving guide

The holiday season is a prime time to develop an eclectic taste in wine and spirits. Good conversations over the holidays begin with a crisp glass of a select wine or cocktail.

2018 can be the best year to provide gifts for wine and spirits lovers and animate get-togethers and hosting occasions.

Don’t just settle for gifting a bottle of wine or scotch—pair your selections with one of our suggestions below.

1. VinMaps – Premium Collectable Maps
Wine enthusiasts know that enjoying fine wines is a fully sensory experience, and our premium collectible wine maps take that experience to the next level.
Gather your family and friends for fine wine, spirits and conversation! With VinMaps at the center, sip and swirl as you explore famous wine across the world. Shop from Dozens of regions from around the world.

2. iSommelier Smart Decanter
Wine aerators are an important tool for drink enthusiasts to allow their wine to sit and resonate without tarnishing its taste. By letting air blend with a bottle of wine, the aromatic texture and taste is enlivened and refined. An aerator is inserted at the top of a wine bottle and filters in oxygen to make the wine surface soft and more complex. Aerators can range from twenty to upwards of five hundred dollars—but an absolutely essential device for wine fanatics. Take a look at one of our favorites from Wine Enthusiast.

3. Craft Beer Growlers & Beeropoly
An expensive bottle of craft beer is often likened to fine wine. Limited batches of craft beer can fetch upwards of twenty dollars for a single pint at specialty liqueur markets. Growlers are the best method to savor and preserve a bomber of fine ale or seasonal stout. Most liqueur marketplace in fact have fresh beer taps to re-fill and test-out new draft styles. Microbrewers sometimes offer delectable styles of craft beer only on tap—so a nice stainless steel growler is an optimal gift for beer lovers in your network of family and friends.

Beeropoly is an entertaining and ingenious way to put a growler of ale to good use among holiday company. This “hopped-up drinking game” is described by creators Jackie McLane & Micah Renner as a series of beer challenges, made by beer enthusiasts for beer enthusiasts. Beeropoly is a creative and thoughtful gift to pump-up the holiday spirit with challenges involving a dance and rhyming competing. Hand-crafted on a pinewood board, Beeropoly compliments the enthusiasm form beer drinking culture and events—whether for family occasions or for a guys night out.

4. Wine Away
Red wine is not a forgiving beverage when spills on carpets or fine clothing occurs. Practical gifts like the Wine Away Amazing Red Wine Stain remover are always a staple for gift exchanges among co-workers, friends, or family. There are typically moments of excitement during a party game or dance sessions where a glass of red wine splashes on a regal white carpet. The term “buzz kill” certainly applies to this moment at parties when jaws drop and festivities cease as the wine blankets on rug and carpets. Wine Away is sold from TotalWines and other popular wine and spirit distributers. This product is absolutely essential as a gift for a dutiful party host/hostesses during the holiday party.

5. Faircraft’s Folding Wine Table
Idyllic spring evenings are best enjoyed with good company and the versatility of Faircraft’s folding wine table. This plywood table is built to accommodate two people for leisurely or romantic situations. Two glasses of wine, a single bottle, and a sampler plate of cheese and snacks can all fit on the collapsible table. The Outdoor Wine Table is a perfect gift to anticipate the ending of winter and beginning of a fun spring season where great wine and good conversation flourish.

6. Vinebox – Intrigue the taste buds!
An optimal way to cultivate a sophisticated taste in wine is to embrace the element of surprise. Vinebox is a wine pairing service which gives consumers nine top-rated wines in a bright multi-colored box. Vinebox operates via subscription and delivers its package four times a year to correspond with differing wine seasons. There is nuance and richness to Vinebox’s selections that never fails to intrigue one’s taste buds!

7. Wine Enthusiast Label Savers
Ever have a wonderful bottle of wine at dinner and for the life of you can’t remember what it was called? If you want to preserve the memory of a special event this Wine Enthusiast Label Savers comes to the rescue! Part of the joy of relishing a premium bottle of wine is the aesthetics of its label. The Wine Enthusiast Label Saver is produced to preserve wine bottles that serve as keepsakes for time spent abroad or an evening celebrating an important life event.

8. Ales and Tales Neighborhood Tavern Custom Signs
Nothing personalizes the laid-back vibe of a poker den or basement like a pub sign.

Ales and Tales Neighborhood Tavern Custom Signs are rustic and hip decoration features, which are easy to mount and custom-made.

There are an abundance of other decorating features on that enhance a design scheme or atmosphere of a mancave or recreation room. Good whiskey deserves to be savored in a setting that celebrates the character of fine spirits. also provides Glencairn Glasses, which ardent whisky fans describe as enhancing the aroma of single malts and deepening the taste of blends.

9. Cool Beans Boxes from Texas
Cool Beans Boxes celebrate Texas’ lively drink and cuisine culture. Complimenting the versatility of Texas culture, these gift boxes include wine, bathing goods, delectable foods, and plenty of other goods. You can select a pre-made Cool Beans Box or construct one from a wealth of options. Cool Beans Boxes offer a distinctive glimpse into what makes Texas a unique hub for food and wine.

10. Berkel champagne and Wine Saber
Nothing expresses holiday festivities like a freshly-popped bottle of sparkling wine. A hassle during the celebration and cheer of a holiday toast is popping the champagne cork without missing a beat. The Berkel champagne and wine saber is a nifty tool to deftly slice the neck off a bottle. This instrument was designed during Napoleon’s France as a culinary tool for first-class restaurants. Berkel creates their slicers and blades for not only precision—but attention to aesthetic detail. There are a variety of knife sets to appeal to the color scheme of a private bar or den. Professional grade culinary instruments are offered by Berkel, as well, to complete a designer set of cutting-edge kitchen instruments.

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